Monday, July 16, 2012

10 Plays To Read This Summer

Summer is Youngblood's off-season, the time where we prepare mentally and physically for the season ahead. As a dedicated athlete will wake early during the off-season to run and train, so to will a dedicated playwright rise at dawn to start each new day with a play to read over breakfast.

So what should we be reading this summer? Here's my quick list of 10 plays that I've wanted to read or see but for some reason haven't yet.

1. Buddy Cop 2 by Hannah Bos and Paul Thureen. I will buy it and read it.

2. K2. What? I wanna read it.

3. Crawl, Fade to White by Sheila Callaghan . Ya heard me.

4. Dark Matters by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. Turn off the dark!

5. The Young Man From Atlanta by Horton Foote. Hush.

6. Ashore by Meghan Deans. 

7. Cut by Crystal Skillman. Should have seen it, I know. It was sold out. Sorry.

8. Yankee Tavern by Steven Dietz. No shame there.

9. Mojo by Jez Butterworth.

10. Landscape of the Body by John Guare. John Guare! John Guare! Man, if I saw that guy on the subway and I was getting in an uptown train and he was going downtown....well, I'd have to go downtown too, just to be in his presence. I mean this only hypothetically of course. Not like I've actually done this.

That's my ten. Are there other plays worth reading? Not really. These are my ten.

What are yours?

Photo Credit: Brattle Book Shop