Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Krista and Brendan Two-In-One Combo Interview Spectacular



New Youngblood Members
Use Technology to
Speak From Opposite Coasts
At Serious Length About
Ayn Rand, Family Mottoes, Ska Band Names, Desired Hair Height and Theatre, Eventually

Brendan Hill: Arright.
Okay. So! How do you think we should do this?
Also, how are you?

Krista Knight: Hi! good
I liked the idea of personas but maybe we just want to interview straight up
and then try to catch each other online when we're drunk and addendum something wacky :)
I mean I'm not saying I'm NOT drunk now - just, on guard.

BH: Considering your answers and their influence on your google results.

KK: oh dear
then again - the other Krista Knight is a porn star - so there's really nothing I can do to soil the name

BH: It could also be a super hero name. It sounds like a secret identity kind of name.
I'm the drummer in Blues Traveler.

KK: Who is winning on google search?

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Happy Birthday John Guare

From The Paris Review, 1992.

Interviewer: Why do I always feel there's something blasphemous about your work?

Guare: I don't know why you feel that way. Are you all right?