Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mike Lew Knows What To Do

Yougnblood alum Mike Lew, who carried this blog through some of its toughest times, has some wonderful ideas that deserve to be posted. This one in particular.

6. The Blacklist - In Hollywood, as in the theater, there is a huge volume of screenplays that are highly praiseworthy but for whatever reason can't be produced. So someone created The Blacklist, an annual list of the best screenplays that were neglected that year. I believe the same thing exists for TV pilots. At any rate, we could very easily do the same thing for theater, and pair up with American Theatermagazine or The Dramatist to publish the results (or blog-publish them). This would be a great way to highlight plays that haven't yet gotten their due, as well as unsung writers.
Let's say we survey a diverse group of around 300 people - mostly playwrights and lit managers - and ask them to create a list of their top 5 favorite (other people's) plays that have been kicking around for a while but haven't yet found production. We then tabulate the results and highlight a list of frequently-mentioned plays. We could also ask high-profile playwrights to write up a short testimonial about their #1 pick, in the hopes of bringing more attention to lesser-known writers.
Read his full post here. This is very much a concrete, actionable initiative that could big a big boost for some great plays. Don't let this idea pass us by. Hop over to his site, write a comment, and help get this fire started.


Monica said...

Or just...self-produce them?

Patrick Link said...

Not sure what you mean. Let the writers self-produce? Don't they already have that option? Something like this would allow for somebody else to do their play.