Monday, March 09, 2015

Unfiltered '15 *SISTERS IN BLIZZARD* by Emily Chadick Weiss

March 5-14, 2015

It is New England's biggest blizzard yet and two grown sisters are snowed in alone together when the house is frozen shut. This is their chance to finally get closer or finally kill each other.
Directed by Liz Carlson
Featuring Diana Ruppe*, Mike Smith Rivera*, and Molly Ward 

Artwork by Youngblood's own Patrick Link
First Reading in Youngblood's Reading Series, Bloodworks, June 2015
My older sister and I love each other to death and find each other infuriating. Our family friend, Jessie, told us that she thinks one of us is actually going to kill the other. But good news, we're both still alive and well (as of today) and I even wrote a play inspired by our trials and tribulations and our shared love for Thanksgiving. SISTERS IN BLIZZARD is a climate change sibling pregnancy comedy. If you have someone in your life you can't stand//can't live without, come on down and see the play. March 13 and 14 are the remaining performance dates for 2015. And I wrote a promotional rap.
Stay tuned for the rest of Unfiltered featuring:
By Lucy Teitler
March 11-21
Directed by Danya Taymor 
Everyone is getting married and Lauren wants it to stop. In a summer of engagements parties, she tries to be supportive, but ends up being subversive -- and an idyllic season takes off like a mad, broken roller coaster that no one can control. 
Featuring Brad Anderson, Madelein Bundy, Katherine Folk Sullivan, Layla Koshnoudi and Jonathan Randell Silver*
by Leah Nanako Winkler
March 18-28
Directed by Morgan Gould, A.D. Jae Kim
Hiro is a self-made single, almost 30 woman making it in New York while estranged from her dysfunctional family who lives in Kentucky. When her sister, a born-again Christian, decides to marry at 22, Hiro decides to do whatever she can to stop the wedding and salvage her sister's future. The themes of identity, religion and love collide in this unique coming-of-age story. 
Featuring: Satomi Blair, Curran Connor, Merissa Czyz, Sasha Diamond, Lucy DeVito, Lynnette R. Freeman*, Alex Grubbs, Marcia Haufrecht*, Emily Kunkel, Christine Lee, Allyson Morgan, Jay Patterson, Ronald Peet, Samantha Sembler, Amir Wachterman and Virginia Wing 
by Christopher Sullivan
March 25-April 4
Directed by John Giampietro
On an L Train that moves throughout time, Harry and Martina fall in and out of love along with the people around them, in an increasingly changing and unaffordable New York.
Featuring: Denny Dale Bess*, Tommy Crawford, Brian D. Coats,  Christine Farrell*, Alex Herrald, Ethan Hova, Zac Moon, Diana Oh, Abby Rosebrock,  Brian Quijada,  Lili Stein

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