Friday, January 04, 2013

10 Essential Steps of Brunch Prep: A Field Guide

The following outlines the various tasks that a responsible Youngblood member will perform on the morning of a brunch. 

1. Arrive at EST at 11am. This is extremely difficult unless you happen to still be at EST from the night before (recommended). However, brunches don't brunch themselves, so a crisp 11am playwright call is a critical part of the process. After all, there are muffins to cut.

2. Begin cutting muffins.

3. Locate tablecloths. Apply tablecloths to tables. Seek a partner to help you if needed (if possible, ask Rachel Bonds to help you, as she is very skilled at this.)

4. Resume muffin cutting.

5. Make sure somebody makes coffee.

6. Do a lap of the entire second floor (2x-3x) with concerned look. If possible, do a lap while holding clipboard to ensure zero interruptions. 

7. Clean up muffin crumbs/begin distribution process.

8. Decipher whether clusters of actors are socializing or running lines. Join conversations/suggest rewrites as appropriate.

9. Hide backstage and question your choice to become a playwright. Immediately stop when you see all the fantastic people in your life eating various bits of muffin. 

10. Stay in lobby directing the lost to the Medicine Show. 

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