Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Newest from THE SHARE Starring...

One of the best parts of being a Youngblood Playwright is getting to work with some of the finest and funniest actors in town. After reaching a saturation point with these actors, I decided I HAD to write a Sitcom Pilot for some of these folks.

This Sitcom is called "The Share" and it stars The Ensemble Studio Theatre's Steven Boyer, William Jackson Harper, Lucy DeVito, Julie Fitzpatrick, Robert Askins, Megan Tusing, Scott Sowers and Maureen Sebastian. It's about a bunch of people crammed into a Crown Heights apartment trying to make ends meet.

The 22 minute Pilot was released spring of 2012 and following that, Webisodes about all of the characters. Check out the newest Webisode starring the Obie-award winning Steven Boyer right here:

And the TRAILER, PILOT and other WEBISODES from "THE SHARE" at TheShareSitcom.com

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And thanks, Actors, for saying yes to us Playwrights.

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