Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Beckwith: Blogging BLOODWORKS

The vast majority of Youngblood will be presenting new work in Bloodworks, a reading series from May-July of new, full-length plays they are developing (check back for details!). We’re trying to document the process, in some way, shape or form, via the blog.

As of 3/31,
Nikole Beckwith shared…

"Imagine My Sadness will be my second full length play; which is like finding out the shoe fits, so now you have to walk in it. I'm finding that working on the second play is more intimidating than working on the first because you have set a standard for yourself, but also less maddening because you have a better sense of yourself. At this moment I am on page 53. If I was to describe to you where I am in my process I would say it's like the beginning of a new relationship; when you go over to each others apartments and watch a movie together but you never actually make it through the movie. So many dvd's go half-watched during the unfolding period of getting to know someone. Well, right now I am at the first time you see the movie all the way through. Good in it's own way but you have to adjust. Recalibrate your expectation. Head over heels is amazing but, you don't know what you're made of until you find your footing. Which is amazing too. Just slower. I imagine that by page 88 we'll be finishing each others sentences."

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