Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Link: Blogging BLOODWORKS

Ladies & Gentleman, introducing YBer Patrick Link:

A short drama.

PATRICK’S BLOODWORKS PIECE (BW) sits alone at a bar. It’s 3 am. A BARTENDER counts cash at the register. A GENTLEMAN appears and approaches BW.

GENT: Drinking alone?

(BW sniffles over her dirty martini)

GENT: Where’s your playwright?

BW: Gone. He said he’s “looking at other material.”

GENT: Bastard. Cigarette?

BW: Thank you.

GENT: Sounds like this playwright doesn’t know a good plot twist when he sees one.

BW: He said I was flat.

GENT: You? He’s crazy.

BW: Said I didn’t arch right.

GENT: Sounds like his problem. Not yours. Some guys don’t know how to arch. Some lack the discipline. (GENT takes her hand) You’re cold.

BW: I’m fine.

GENT: He’s neglected you. Come with me.

BW: I can’t. It’s too soon.

GENT: Link is gone. He left you after a draft.

BW: That’s just his way. He’ll be back.

GENT: Playwrights like that don’t come back. They end up in Law School.

BW: He just put me on hold. So he could restructure.

GENT: You deserve better. How ‘bout I finish what Link started? Give you a nice beginning, middle and end. My car is outside.

BW: Why doesn’t he love me?

GENT: Hush. Come here.

(They kiss. PATRICK enters, soaked from the rain)

PL: Darling! I was wrong! You are the one. You’re the play I want to write!

(The kiss continues)

BARTENDER: You’re too late. She’s gone.



Okay, True Fact: I did tell my Bloodworks project I wasn’t interested and I DID almost move on to new material, BUT we’ve since worked things out. We sat down, talked to each other, and we’ve arrived upon a new structure and approach that is much more satisfying and our relationship has never been better. Thanks YB for keeping me honest and keeping us together!

My Bloodworks reading is June 23. The play is about a creative writing professor who is told by school officials to report any writing that could be considered “odd and disturbing.”

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