Friday, April 17, 2009

Clark: VICTORY BRUNCH Blogging

Eliza Clark, who's writing for May's VICTORY BRUNCH:

Victory makes me think of movies about sports teams where everyone is a misfit. Like The Mighty Ducks or The Big Green or D2: The Mighty Ducks. There’s always one fat kid, one smelly kid, one kid with glasses, one girl kid, one bully, one exchange student, and one teeny tiny kid who blows snot bubbles out of his nose. And they all learn from someone like Emilio Estevez who’s in some kind of bad place in his life (and probably hates children), but he pulls it together enough to lead the kids and learn about himself. First they lose a bunch of times in a really humiliating way until they learn more about teamwork and how to use their unique and completely non-athletic talents to their advantage. Then they start winning. And then they win the championship.

This is what I really wanted to write about for the brunch. But I wanted those kids, and I wanted there to be fifteen of them and I wanted them to be ten years old. That seemed like a little too much for a brunch – though you should look for it as a complex full-length that I hope to present on ice (it will most likely not be about a hockey team – it will be about a lacrosse or badminton team…just on ice). I thought for a few minutes about the prospect of having adults play children, but then you really miss out on the creepiness of the Emilio Estevez character spending all of his time with ten-year-olds even though he’s just been released from a DUI program.

Also, I thought a little bit about how that misfit sports team play might be the kind of play the Wayans Brothers would write if they were in Youngblood and Graeme and RJ asked them to write for the Brunch. Like, "Hey let's write Misfit Sports Team Ten-Minute Play!" That made me feel a little bad about myself.

So I wrote about lifeguards.

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