Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lauria: Blogging BLOODWORKS

Courtney Brooke Lauria is all about CAKE LIGHT, happy places and Matt Laurer:

First let me paint you a picture. It's 7:25 am. Channel 4, the Today Show. Ann Curry has just finished stumbling over the news ( I say that with total love for Ann Curry) and she turns to Matt Lauer.

Hot, sexy, broken armed Matt Lauer.Matt: My next guest is a struggling playwright who can't find the right description for her up coming reading. Courtney Brooke Lauria, welcome to the program.

Courtney: Thanks Matt. I'm happy to be here.

Matt: Now, some of our guest may have never heard of you.

Courtney: Really?

Matt: Yes really.

Courtney: Wow.

Matt: You are surprised by this?

Courtney: Why yes Matt I am. I thought I meant more to you than this.

Matt: Than what? I'm sorry what?

Courtney: Look Matt I am not Tom Cruise, I am not Ann Coulter, you can't use your glib talk with me. Look, My bloodworks piece is called CAKE LIGHT. It is a series of overlapping scenes/monologues about birthdays. Each scene ending with the main character being only lit by the light of candles on their birthday cake. No one is upset, sad or crying when they are presented with a birthday cake.

Most people I interact with on a daily basis are making the most of the "mood" in America today. Everyone on the whole is pretty sad, pretty kicked down, but trying to have a smile. Trying to save for a vacation, or even just a nicer shirt. But then you realize you have to pay taxes, or they fire your intern, or your mom can't buy her medication, something can flip your mood. We are all trying to be so positive day in and day out, but I feel like everyone around me keeps getting knocked down.

So I am thinking of my happy place. And I am happy in cake light.

Matt: That was beautiful Courtney.

Courtney: I think you're beautiful Matt.

Matt: Coming up next Courtney and I will get married on the plaza. We'll be back after your local news.

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